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Order method is a place where the pizza lives. You can get to know about latest news, special offers and contests accompanying by appetizing awards and place your hot pizza orders sure enough at our website


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You can order the pizza and pay for it by any convenient way below: by sms sending, by mobile application or from Pizza Hut website. And certainly you can always freely pick up our order in one of Pizza Hut restaurants
Order by sms

It's easy to re-order your last pizza by sending ПИЦЦА or PIZZA text to short code 2420 from a mobile number you left for your previous order. All charges for outgoing SMS are in line with your plan

Carry out

And certainly we are happy to welcome you in the nearest delivery restaurants where you can order a takeaway pizza or to stay your hunger right away

Pizza Hut offers you easy ways of payment of your order
  • In store payment
  • Payment in cash or by credit card on delivery
  • Online payment from Pizza hut website
  • Our first priority is to delivery you order in 30 minutes
  • 30 minutes delivery zone is marked with red on the map in RESTAURANTS section of our web site
  • For some restaurants our delivery zones were extended up to 1 hour delivery. They are marked with grey color on the map
  • You can check if your address is in the Pizza Hut delivery zone by staryting your order
  • Delivery cost is 99 rub. for Moscow, 299 rub. for Saint Petersburg, 79 rub. for Izhevsk
  • All orders above 600 roubles delivery service is free of charge
Delivery operating time is
  • From 10:30 to 23:30 if:
  • Order was placed not later 23:00 for 30 minutes delivery zones
  • Order was palced not later 22:30 for 1 hour delviery zones