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Room rental "Street retail" for Pizza hut delivery (delivery restaurants) from 80 m 2 150 m 2

Criteria for selection of premises

  • the location should be in crowded places and transport flows. Area active retail. Centers the residential areas, busy pedestrian intersections, subway stations.
  • the Presence of major business, shopping and entertainment centers nearby the object is appreciated.
  • Excellent videostore from a distance of 100 meters.
  • Welcome, if the room is built in the ground floor commercial or office center.

Building description

  • First floor, separate entrance from the main street. Desirable corner location. The possibility of placing advertising signs and wide (6 meters) elevation.
  • the Presence of the rear dvora for installation of ventilation equipment.
  • Parking Availability or the possibility of its organization.
power Supply
one-time load, kW - 80
Category secure building
Water and sanitation
the Total water consumption and effluent 3M3/day. The presence hozyaystvenno domestic, technological, sewage
communication Systems
2 phone numbers (patiparn telephone cable with junction box). Line to connect the Internet network and the IP address for the Tenant (the speed of at least 512kbit allocated throug/s)
Privetsvuetsya. In the presence of gas reduces the requirements for electric power
escape and service outputs
the Presence of service input/output

Rental of premises "Food cours" for Pizza hut Express ranging from 50-70 m2

Selection criteria areas

  • Major commercial, shopping and business centers, food courts, a food court.
  • High traffic - 20,000 visitors a day.
  • at least 300 seats in the food court area.
  • Long section (the front) in the food court not less than 6 meters.

Contact the Department of real estate and development

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