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Our story

Our story

It all started in 1958 in the State of Kansas (USA) when the brothers Dan and Frank Carney opened the world's first Pizza Hut restaurant, having borrowed $600 from their mom. Its success encouraged the brothers to open some more restaurants in the state including franchise-based units

the world's first Pizza Hut restaurant
Success accompanied the case from the beginning
— 1958. The success of the first restaurant in his hometown — 1959. Opened three restaurants — 1961. The restaurant is open in the neighboring state — 1965. Restaurants open network across the country — 1968. The first restaurant outside the United States opened in Canada
Restaurants Pizza Hut on the world map

Pizza Hut – this format three restaurants

Pizza Hut Delivery - a small restaurant where you can order freshly baked pizza

A small restaurant where you can order freshly baked pizzas

Pizza Hut Express - Fast food restaurants in shopping malls

Fast food restaurants in shopping malls

Pizza Hut Restaurant - Full Service Restaurants

Full Service Restaurants

Pizza Hut - is first of all the most delicious pizza!

PAN pizza dough
Legendary recipes, selected high-quality ingredients and choice test. Be sure to try the pizza is on the company PAN test, this test is not none. But not only in the pizza you can fall in love - a selection of snacks and drinks, seasonal offerings and special meals - all this can be found in the Pizza Hut! Caesar salad and barbecue wings
Pizza Hut - Pizza Delivery in Moscow for 30 minutes!

Pizza delivery in 30 minutes in Moscow!

Cause we are sure your pizza must be hot!
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Of course, we do not so many restaurants and delivery area is small, but we aim to rapidly expand our network of restaurants. A little more, and everyone will be able to order home or office pizza from Pizza Hut!


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